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Seize the Moment Podcast

May 14, 2023

On episode 173, we welcome Valerie Tiberius to discuss the significance of cultivating a system of personal values, values as opposed to goals, Valerie’s clash of values - between being a good woman and a good philosopher, self-enhancing beliefs and how they preclude us from knowing what we’re actually capable of, searching for approval from those who don’t want what’s best for us, focusing on your values to motivate yourself to complete mundane tasks, strategies for discovering what’s meaningful to us, culture as a barrier to value fulfillment - especially misogyny, using our emotions as guides to meaningful activities, and why an obsession with doing what you have to - as opposed to what you want to - leads to burnout.


Valerie Tiberius is the Paul W. Frenzel Chair in Liberal Arts and professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota. Valerie's work focuses on practical philosophy, particularly on the topics of well-being, happiness, and the good life. She has published numerous articles and books in these areas, and her work has been widely cited and recognized for its insightful contributions to the field. Her books include Well-Being as Value Fulfillment: How We Can Help Each Other to Live Well and The Reflective Life: Living Wisely with Our Limits. Her newest book, available now, is called What Do You Want Out of Life?: A Philosophical Guide to Figuring Out What Matters.


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