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Seize the Moment Podcast

Feb 28, 2021

On episode 87, we welcome environmental lawyer and activist Robert Bilott to discuss the widespread prevalence and health effects of forever chemicals (including cancer and autoimmune disorders), his decades-long legal war with the DuPont chemical company over their decisions to dump chemical waste into the environment, Wilbur Tennant and the beginnings of Robert’s investigation into DuPont’s coverup of their scientific inquiries into the hazardous effects of these chemicals, why politicians and judges struggle with the science of their effects, the difference between scientific evidence and the legal conception of burden of proof, what average people can do in order to reduce the spread of forever chemicals, working on the film Dark Waters and having Mark Ruffalo play Robert, and ways to improve public policy in regulating chemical companies.

Robert Bilott is an American environmental attorney from Cincinnati, Ohio. Bilott is known for the lawsuits against DuPont on behalf of plaintiffs from West Virginia. Bilott has spent more than twenty years litigating hazardous dumping of the chemicals perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid. Robert’s book is called Exposure: Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer's Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont. His story was then adapted into the critically acclaimed film, Dark Waters.

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