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Seize the Moment Podcast

Dec 20, 2020

On episode 78 we welcome Brian Muraresku to discuss the origins of religious rituals and their associations to psychedelic use, the history and rites of the ancient mystery schools, their understanding of immortality and how it differs from the notion of an afterlife, Brian’s relationship with Graham Hancock, the development of Christianity and the subsequent banning of the mystery tradition, the archeo-chemical evidence for psychedelic use in the Abrahamic religious traditions and primitive societies, the psychotherapeutic effects of and resurgent research into psychedelics, and the leading roles that women played in the ancient mystery schools.

Brian Muraresku is author of the bestselling book THE IMMORTALITY KEY: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE RELIGION WITH NO NAME, with a forward by Graham Hancock. The book explores the role that psychedelics have played in the formation of Western civilization.

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