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Seize the Moment Podcast

Jan 23, 2022

On episode 117, we welcome philosopher Richard Pettigrew to discuss ‘The Russian Nobleman’ thought experiment, what makes you a self, whether we should be held to the commitments made earlier in life, the notion of the perpetually dying self and how it can alleviate the terror of death, how the philosophical construct of the self can help but also harm others, the self in clinical psychology and what constitutes pathology, and whether “inauthentic” sources can create “authentic” choices.

Richard Pettigrew is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bristol, with particular interests in formal epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, logic, and the theory of rational choice. He set up the Foundation Year in Arts and Humanities. He has worked, outside the university, on projects addressing literacy in prisons and supporting adults with learning disabilities. He is a contributing author to Helen De Cruz’ book, Philosophy Illustrated: Forty-two Thought Experiments to Broaden Your Mind.

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