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Seize the Moment Podcast

Jan 15, 2023

On episode 156, we welcome Nate Gowdy to discuss his experience photographing the January 6th Storm of the Capitol, being assaulted by the protesters, Nate’s reasons for photographing the event and the significance of photo-journalism in US history, Nate’s desire to understand more so than condemn the insurrectionists and what he learned about them, almost losing most of his photographs and how he recovered them, the political beliefs and motives of the protesters, his perspective on the future of American politics, and his experience photographing Barack Obama.

Nate Gowdy is a Seattle-based documentary photographer. Since 2015,  he has photographed upwards of 300 political events and protests across  25 states and Washington, DC. He was the lone credentialed  photographer for Barack Obama and Joe Biden during their respective  visits to Seattle. In June 2016, his portrait of Bernie Sanders made the  cover of TIME magazine, and his photos have also appeared in Rolling  Stone, Mother Jones, Die Zeit, Courrier International, BuzzFeed News, The  Stranger, and CNN. His newest book photographing the events of January 6th is called Insurrection.

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