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Seize the Moment Podcast

Jan 16, 2022

On episode 116, we welcome philosopher Lewis Gordon to discuss his new book ‘Fear of Black Consciousness’, how Critical Race Theory is misunderstood and why it’s challenged, the parable of the Anglican minister and what it teaches us about systemic oppression, Harriet Bailey and how her radical love for Frederick Douglass fostered his sense of responsibility for the well-being of marginalized people, human nature and why we can’t predict people’s behaviors based on stereotypes, the feminine roots of Enlightenment thinking, Hedy Lamarr and inventing the predecessor to WiFi, and the difference between liberty and freedom and utilizing the latter to cultivate meaning.

Lewis R. Gordon is Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy at UCONN-Storrs, Honorary President of the Global Center for Advanced Studies, and Chair of the Committee on Public Philosophy for the American Philosophical Association. His books include Freedom, Justice, and Decolonization (2021) and his new book, Fear of Black Consciousness, which was just published on January 11, 2022.


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