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Seize the Moment Podcast

Dec 18, 2022

On episode 153, we welcome Kennon Sheldon to discuss the free will and determinism debate, why free will is still possible when confronting the data, the different spheres of influence and how the mind can affect one’s bio-chemical composition and in turn be affected by it, self-determination theory and the significance of autonomy for well-being and mental health, Ken’s interpretation of the famous Libet experiment (which purportedly supports determinism), Alen’s weight loss and how applying free will helps us better understand his health journey, Leon’s Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder and its affect on his internal sense of freedom, the Rogerian model of therapy and its association with personal growth, intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation and the former’s increased ability to foster joy and sustained motivation, and why biological drives can’t fully explain human behavior.

Kennon M. Sheldon is professor of psychology at the University of Missouri. He is one of the founding researchers of positive psychology, a fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a recipient of the Templeton Foundation Positive Psychology Prize. His research is in the areas of well-being, motivation, self-determination theory, personality, and positive psychology. His new book, available now, is called Freely Determined: What the New Psychology of the Self Teaches Us About How to Live.

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