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Seize the Moment Podcast

Feb 13, 2022

On episode 120, we welcome philosopher Jack Symes of The Panpsychast to discuss the major competing theories of consciousness, the illusions of panpsychist idealism and materialist illusionism, Philip Goff and how his version of pansychism allows for the existence of a material universe, Massimo Piggliuci’s understanding of consciousness as having evolved to help us plan and simulate difficult situations, psychedelic experiences as potential evidence of a universal consciousness, what view of consciousness Jack subscribes to, why a new science may be necessary to understand consciousness, and the greatness of Adam Sandler’s films.

Jack Symes is the producer of the popular, The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast and the editor of the Bloomsbury series, Talking about Philosophy. He is currently Teacher and Researcher of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool, UK. His new book is called Philosophers on Consciousness: Talking about the Mind (Talking about Philosophy) which features a number of prominent contributors, some of which we’ve had on the show before like Keith Frankish and Massimo Pigliucci. 

Contributors to the book include: Miri Albahari, Susan Blackmore, David Chalmers, Patricia Churchland, Daniel Dennett, Keith Frankish, Philip Goff, Frank Jackson, Casey Logue, Gregory Miller, Michelle Montague, Massimo Pigliucci and Galen Strawson.

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