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Seize the Moment Podcast

Apr 23, 2023

On episode 170, we welcome Edith Shiro to discuss the five step model of post traumatic growth, what trauma is and the social and psychological contributions to PTSD, how culture silences victims, Alen and Leon’s struggles with emotional expression, the importance of turning to the right people for healing, why we need others to help us overcome our traumas, transforming from trauma as opposed to returning to baseline functioning, using podcasting to spread information we wish we had, how the body expresses and indicates a traumatic history, and Lady Gaga’s story as a prime example of post traumatic growth.

Dr. Edith Shiro is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Miami, Florida. She specializes in trauma and posttraumatic growth, holding space and guiding her patients to achieve greater potential and higher consciousness. Dr. Shiro is co-founder of the Trauma and Resilience Center, board member of the World Happiness Foundation, and an active member of Cadena International, providing humanitarian aid and disaster prevention worldwide. She has worked at the Clinic for Survivors of Torture at Bellevue Hospital, the Cambodian refugee clinic at Montefiore Medical Center, and the Human Rights Clinical Support Network at REFUGE, among others. Using her five-stage model, she offers a blueprint for all her patients to develop coping skills and resilience, and to achieve posttraumatic growth. Her newest book, available now, is called The Unexpected Gift of Trauma: The Path to Posttraumatic Growth. 


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