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Seize the Moment Podcast

Dec 19, 2021

On episode 113, we welcome philosopher Constantine Sandis to discuss the new book ‘Philosophy Illustrated’, Ludwig Wittgenstein’s beetle in the box thought experiment, whether we can experience another’s pain specifically and understand their experiences broadly, why Wittgenstein was skeptical of the skeptic argument that we can’t, Wittgenstein’s belief that philosophical problems were essentially problems in the clarity of language as opposed to objective issues, the neuroscientific research on pain, Wittgenstein’s obsession with self-improvement and how he utilized confession to foster his own growth, and the pessimism he felt about his relationships.

Constantine Sandis is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, founding director of Lex Academic, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK. His work centers around philosophical questions relating to moral psychology, action, explanation, and interpersonal understanding. Constantine Sandis is the co-editor, along with Gary Browning, of the book, “Dylan at 80: It used to go like that, and now it goes like this” and is one of contributing authors prominently featured in Helen De Cruz’s new book, “Philosophy Illustrated: Forty-two Thought Experiments To Broaden Your Mind.”

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