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Seize the Moment Podcast

Dec 12, 2021

On episode 112, we welcome back philosopher Bryan Van Norden to discuss the new book ‘Philosophy Illustrated’, the philosophy of Mengzi and the sprout of benevolence, the argument that human nature is fundamentally good, how it can become corrupted, egoistic drives and their relationship to depression, the significance of community for cultivating a sense of meaning, emotions and why they’re the foundations of all vice and virtue, if some are born evil and Tony Soprano’s moral decay, and the purpose and benefits of thought experiments.

Bryan W. Van Norden is James Monroe Taylor Chair in Philosophy at Vassar College (USA), and Chair Professor in Philosophy in the School of Philosophy at Wuhan University (China). Bryan W. Van Norden is a translator of Chinese philosophical texts and scholar of Chinese and comparative philosophy. He’s an expert on Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism. Van Norden has published ten books and is featured as one of the authors in the book we are discussing today, Philosophy Illustrated: 42 Thought Experiments to Broaden Your Mind.

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