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Seize the Moment Podcast

Mar 20, 2022

On episode 124, we welcome philosopher Andy West to discuss teaching philosophy in prisons, how the prisoners initially surprised him with their insights, Sisyphean freedom and how we can become free in rebelling against authority, the juxtaposition of the prisoners’ beliefs in free will and determinism, living in the moment vs continuing to hope for a better future, the Ring of Gyges and what the prisoners believed were the foundations of morality, and the significance of cultivating more nuanced perspectives of prisoners. Andy West has been teaching Philosophy courses at City Lit since 2018, covering topics that include happiness, guilt, love, sex and art. Andy West also teaches philosophy in prisons. He has conversations with people inside about their lives, discusses their ideas and feelings and listens as the men and women he works with explore new ways to think about their situation. Andy West’s new book, out now, is called The Life Inside: A Memoir of Prison, Family and Philosophy.  | Andy West |

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