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Seize the Moment Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

On episode 65, we welcome philosopher Douglas Edwards to discuss the similarities between the philosophical quest for truth and the search for the behind-the-scenes information about professional wrestling, how story-lines get entangled with reality, how the Montreal Screwjob affected the pro-wrestling industry, character development and how wrestlers’ identities often mimic our own hidden desires, the popularity of Stone Cold Steve Austin, how pro-wrestling epitomized capitalism and the fight for workers’ rights, the appeal of fan exploration and being in the know about backstage events and wrestlers’ private lives, and the 3 faces of Foley as the embodiment of our existential inability to foster consistent identities.

Douglas Edwards is a philosopher at Utica College in New York state. He is the author of The Metaphysics of Truth (2018), Properties (2014), and the editor of Truth: A Contemporary Reader (2019). His latest book is Philosophy Smackdown (2020).

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