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Seize the Moment Podcast

Sep 3, 2023

On episode 186, we welcome Krista Thomason to discuss the ways we tend to address our negative feelings, using techniques in positive psychology and stoicism to suppress them, psychotherapy’s divergent stance in seeking to manage them instead, the shame we experience about feeling them, the myth of harmonizing and unifying our emotional and rational sides, why it’s difficult and maybe even erroneous to distinguish the rational emotions from the irrational ones, the beliefs and worldviews underlying negative emotions and why perspective taking is a daunting remedy for them, whether feeling your negative feelings actually prevents them from getting worse, and what professional wrestling teaches us about our emotions.

Krista K. Thomason is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Swarthmore College. She was the Philip L. Quinn Fellow at the National Humanities Center. Her areas of expertise include philosophy of emotion, moral philosophy, history of philosophy, and political philosophy. Some of her publications appear in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, European Journal of Philosophy, Kantian Review, and The Monist. She is the author of the book Naked: The Dark Side of Shame and Moral Life. She has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and CNN. Her newest book, available October 31st, is called Dancing with the Devil: Why Bad Feelings Make Life Good.

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