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Seize the Moment Podcast

Sep 10, 2023

On episode 187, we welcome Katie Palmer to discuss the lack of social funding for the arts, theater as philosophy and how it teaches us to become better thinkers, how the visceral theater experience cultivates empathy and a sense of belonging, theater as a necessity for a flourishing democracy, the Federal Theatre Project and how it’s national director Hallie Flanagan shaped it, why governments should support art, the Matthew Effect and how it stifles untapped talent, the message of the play ‘The Nobodies Who Were Everybody’, the red scare of the 1930s and whether suppressing art was actually about Communism, and theater as a representation of the aspects of our lives we normally choose to avoid.

Katie Palmer is the co-director of the Theater in Asylum production, The Nobodies Who Were Everybody. She is a graduate of NYU's NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. She is the founding co-Artistic Director of Theater in Asylum. Theater in Asylum joyfully pursues a rigorously researched and ensemble-driven approach to theater-making. They create performances to investigate our past, interpret our present, and imagine our future. They prize space to process, space to question—asylum. Katie has co-created all 13 of their original 13 productions, which have been presented across New York City and the East Coast and internationally in London and mainland Europe.

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