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Seize the Moment Podcast

Jul 24, 2022

On episode 138, we welcome Prof. Gwen Dolske and Rudy Salo of the Good Is in the Details Podcast to discuss their podcast journey, Rudy’s discomfort with ambiguity and his hesitation of engaging with philosophy, Gwen’s love of existentialism and how it inspired her to pursue an advanced degree in philosophy, whether human nature exists and what science tells us about it, contrasting Gwen’s introversion with Rudy’s extroversion and their different manifestations, teaching philosophy and how podcasting offers students relatable material to learn it, and why removing gatekeepers on social media is both a blessing and a curse.

Gwendolyn Dolske, Ph.D is an author, speaker, and Professor of Philosophy at California State Polytechnic University. Rudy Salo is an infrastructure and transportation finance lawyer, writer, actor, and public speaker. Gwen and Rudy are both hosts of the incredible “Good Is In The Details” podcast. Each episode is a conversation with experts from a variety of fields who can tell us more about what is the good life. 

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