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Seize the Moment Podcast

Sep 11, 2022

On episode 145, we welcome former U.S. army officer and paratrooper Gus Lee to discuss the significance of cultivating moral courage, why it’s distinct from physical bravery, anger being a mask for fear and weakness rather than a strength, the practical steps to becoming courageous, the negative, life outcomes to persistent selfish tendencies, what Aristotle and Plato can teach us about the good life, becoming self-governing, why anger is actually a form of fear and how to overcome it, and true courageousness being the desire to conquer your fears in the service of others.

Gus Lee, bestselling author of Courage: The Backbone of Leadership and China Boy, is a nationally recognized leadership and character advancement expert who has worked in or consulted to 50 professions and industries. A former corporate chief operating officer, chief learning officer, government senior executive, West Point’s first Chair of Character Development, U.S. Senate ethics investigator, acting deputy attorney general, supervising deputy district attorney, university assistant dean, U.S. Army officer and paratrooper, he trains and coaches through his company, Leaders of Character, LLC, and writes at His newest book, available now, is called The Courage Playbook: Five Steps to Overcome Your Fears and Become Your Best Self. 

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