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Seize the Moment Podcast

Apr 16, 2023

On episode 169, we welcome Dean Rickles to discuss existential, death anxiety and its utility in helping us lead more meaningful lives; narcissism and the bulletproof vest; how our egos preclude us from taking important risks; Michael Shermer’s conception of Alvy’s Error; the importance of cultivating self-esteem according to mice experiments; the downside of being a child prodigy; creating a meaningful life though community engagement; whether narcissism is on the rise and how it’s perpetuated by social media; narcissism as a fear of vulnerability and obsession with being limitless; why Stoicism should take death anxiety more seriously; and the mystical unity of reality.

Dean Rickles is professor of history and philosophy of modern physics at the University of Sydney, Australia, where he is also a director of the Sydney Centre for Time. His many books include Covered with Deep Mist: The Development of Quantum Gravity and A Brief History of String Theory. His newest book, available now, is called Life Is Short: An Appropriately Brief Guide to Making It More Meaningful.


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