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Seize the Moment Podcast

Jul 31, 2022

On episode 139, we welcome David Swift to discuss the pervasive myth of identities, how politicians and pundits exploit identity politics for personal gain, personal identity conflicts and how class and political views can interfere with each other, understanding why rural voters supported Trump and why calling all of them deplorables isn’t the answer, the political views of ordinary people and why it’s difficult to neatly place them in a political category, the importance of working toward improving the material circumstances of marginalized groups as opposed to engaging in performative art like virtue signaling, and how social media fuels extremist perspectives.

David Swift is a historian and writer based in London who specializes on the history and contemporary politics of the British Left, particularly in relation to race, class, gender and popular culture. He has researched and taught at several universities in the UK and abroad. His first book, A Left for Itself, was released by the radical publisher Zero Books in 2019. His newest book, available now, is called The Identity Myth: Why We Need to Embrace Our Differences to Beat Inequality.

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