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Seize the Moment Podcast

Dec 11, 2022

On episode 152, we welcome David Myers to discuss the myth of a replication crisis in psychology research, what behavioral genetics research teaches us about the respective contributions of genes and early environments, the dual processing mind and how it differs from Freud’s understanding of the unconscious, the studies underlying implicit bias and effective ways to reduce it, narcissism as pure grandiosity rather than being a mask for self-loathing, the psychological mechanisms underlying political polarization, the biological roots of sexual attraction, why our fears (including our fear of dying) are often misaligned with reality and our ability to cope with difficult circumstances, and how embracing micro-friendships can influence short-term and long-term overall happiness.

David G. Myers is a social psychologist and professor of psychology at Hope College. His articles have appeared in dozens of scientific periodicals and magazines, from Science to Scientific American. He is also the author of more than fifteen books, including psychology’s most widely read textbook, which has sold more than eight million copies worldwide, and general interest books including Intuition: Its Powers and Perils. His newest book, available now, is called How Do We Know Ourselves?: Curiosities and Marvels of the Human Mind.

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