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Seize the Moment Podcast

Feb 6, 2023

On episode 159, we welcome Daniel Jolley to discuss the prevalence of conspiracy theories and the personality traits normally associated with those who subscribe to them, the core beliefs of people who believe them and their chronic paranoia of people and institutions, Leon’s need for them when feeling victimized and disempowered, why challenging specific conspiracy theories doesn’t necessarily resolve the tendency to believe in them, the importance of facing the unfamiliar, Alen’s experiment with changing his mindset and how that positively impacted his ability to form relationships, addressing the underlying loneliness and alienation of paranoid thinkers, how transparency from powerful institutions can help, and whether social media creates or enables conspiratorial thinking.

Dr. Daniel Jolley is an Assistant Professor in Social Psychology at the University of Nottingham, where his research programme broadly explores the psychology of conspiracy theories. Daniel has a passion for science communication; he’s been interviewed on various popular TV programs like BBC News, Sky News, CTV, Adam Ruins Everything and his work has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Vice and many more. 


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