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Seize the Moment Podcast

Apr 3, 2023

On episode 167, we welcome Chuck Thompson to discuss the evolution of status and popularity, our tendency to believe it indicates inherent value, true art as opposed to popular art, status and its intrinsic association with self-esteem, whether status-seeking is bad, if human hierarchies are natural and our tendency to compare ourselves to others, the neuroscientic findings underpinning status-seeking behaviors, the problems stemming from excessive pride, if corporations will always co-opt trends, the importance of helping to increase the status of marginalized groups, men buying sports cars to compensate for small penises, art as a form of intimacy when related to deep experiences, and the downside of denying our innate need for status.

Chuck Thompson is the author of the widely reviewed political screed Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession. His writing has appeared in Outside, Politico, Esquire, Men’s Journal, The New Republic, and many other publications. He’s the writer and an executive producer of the Paramount+ three-part music documentary Sometimes When We Touch: The Reign, Ruin and Resurrection of Soft Rock. His newest book, available now, is called The Status Revolution: The Improbable Story of How the Lowbrow Became the Highbrow.


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