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Seize the Moment Podcast

Feb 19, 2023

On episode 161, we welcome Chris Boutté to discuss the helpful aspects of his addiction treatment, his passion for reading and educating lay-people about critical thinking, Leon’s history of addiction and Alen’s family history of it, connection and purpose as balms for depression and anxiety, how gaming helped Chris with his struggles, the Moneyball strategy of successful podcasting, the significance of comedy for managing self-importance and sorrow, learning to be disliked and the uselessness of perfectionism, and how reading helped Chris better understand and sympathize with others.

Chris Boutté is an author, influencer and youtuber. You can find him on Substack at the Rewired Soul. He is the author of CANCELED: Inside YouTube Cancel Culture, multiple mental health books, and he often contributes to wellness publications such as Thrive Global and Tiny Buddha. Chris reads hundreds of non-fiction books each year and has spoken with authors on a diverse range of subjects at the popular, The Rewired Soul Podcast. You can also find his expert quotes in publications such as VOX, INSIDER, and VICE. 


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